Delivery and Return

Sending the goods Vasheho

Sending the goods osushchestvljaetsja 2 days after obtaining oplatы and otpravlyayutsya via UPS with otslezhyvanyem the Location posыlky Shipment and without Mandatory Signatures. At Choice delivery by UPS Extra with Mandatory podpysyu, you will be with vzymatsya Additional charges. Before the election of mode of delivery, simple svyazatsya with us. Outside from dependence to current method you oplatы, you Smozhe otslezhyvat STATUS Vasheho order online.

The cost of delivery vkljuchaet in itself rashodы on obrabotku, packaging and postal costs. Zatratы on obrabotku fyksyrovanы in it Time How to rashodы transportyrovku mogut varyrovatsya in dependence from Vesa posыlky. We sovetuem you zakazы Merge. We do not Smozhe Merge two otdelnыh orders and delivery will be raschitana kazhdogo IZ for them. Sending the goods will be on your liability, but at pozabotymsya We sohrannosty fragile goods.

Boxes Size optimal blood and with good protection.